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You might have arrived here from the order form link wondering what a Bitcoin is. Though the technology behind it is extremely advanced, understanding the basics is super simple.

Bitcoin is a digital currency (currently 1 Bitcoin is worth $3,522.00) that lets you buy and sell worldwide with much smaller payment fees than existing currencies. It is decentralized, safe, secure, and private. If you want to buy something using Bitcoins, you can send some number of them using any wallet software. The transaction is verified by the network a short time later, and goods and services are easily exchanged. Some of the ways to get Bitcoins are mining, selling goods, or the easiest way to get started is buying them at a reputable exchange service.

There are numerous options to buy them from, and we do not endorse one over another, but here are a few services to look into that might fit your needs well.

Bitcoin offers a number of advantages over more traditional currencies. Some of them are:

  • Worldwide - It has a thriving community of enthusiasts who are building a brand new economy.
  • Minimal fees - Verify transactions with as big or as little of a fee as you want.
  • No risk - The blockchain technology it is built on uses advanced crypography to remain safe.
  • Transparent and anonymous - It is neutral and transparent and anybody can examine the block chain.
  • Decentralized freedom - No one person controls or can manipulate the currency.

To be fair, nothing is perfect, and there are a few downsides to Bitcoin in that it's currently far less widely used than PayPal, for instance, and tools are still slowly being developed and emerging. We feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages today, and in the long run everybody will benefit from cheaper prices and more creative options for buying and selling. has successfully been in business since 2013 using PayPal for most of that time, but we now offer all of our services exclusively through this new digital currency. All of our services such as the ability to buy Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views are available today! Our service is a great benefit for your marketing needs, and we hope to see you join us!

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